Would you believe that the tablet in the image below goes for a mere $95 and it runs Android? Showcased at CeBIT 2010, the FirstView PC607V tablet uses an appealing skin on top of Windows CE, while companies like Forsa and Huawei chose Android over this platform. There’s also an Android 1.4 version of this MID/tablet, a strange choice of version, specially since as far as we know Android 1.4 doesn’t exist, so it must be Android 1.5.

Rumour has it that PC607V will be getting the Android 2.0/2.1 in the future, although it hasn’t been confirmed yet. It’s also pretty interesting to notice that the device is supposed to have a 10.1 inch resistive touch display, while some sites reports that it comes with a 7 inch screen.

Other specs include a 60GB HDD, WiFi b/g, webcam, built in speakers, 2 USB ports, an SD slot, a HDMI slot, 2 headphone ports and a 4500 mAh battery.

[via Engadget]