Evolio EVOBOOK is an affordable E-ink e-reader made in Romania and going for 150 EUR. The product will debut in Eastern Europe in December sporting a 6 inch screen with 16 shades of grey and a 600 x 800 pixel resolution. There’s no backlighting involved in this display technology, so your eyes won’t get tired as fast as when you’re watching a LCD monitor.

The experience provided by the e-reader is similar to the one of a book or newspaper and you can view the content from any angle you desire, even in full sunlight. EVOBOOK measures 18cm in height, 13 cm in width, it weighs 228 grams and measures 9mm in thickness. It can store around 4000 books, thanks a 2GB internal memory, that can be increased to 10GB using SD cards.

EVOBOOK’s battery will provide 10.000 page turns for about 15 days of use with a single charge and you can even play MP3 songs on this baby. Here’s a list of text formats supported by the e-reader: .PDF, .CHM, .EPUB, .TXT, .HTM, .HTML, .RTF, .PDB, .DJVU, .IW, .IW4, .FB2, .OEB, .PRC, .MOBI, .TCR, .OPF. Let’s hope we’ll also see the device on the international market!