Android tablets are becoming more than concepts and ideas, so they might start transforming into a huge segment of devices pretty soon. We’re not the only ones claiming this, since Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO recently spoke about these devices and their associated services during the Abu Dhabi Media Summit keynote. Skip to timecode 10 minutes and 39 seconds in the video below for more details:

It’s very likely that Google will announce official Marketplace support for all Android tablets. This is very good news, specially since there were a lot of tablets with this OS shown at CES, Mobile World Congress and CeBIT, but their makers were not sure if they can support Android Marketplace on the devices or not.

Not even Archos 5 is 100% confirmed with Marketplace support and if you want to know which  other devices are part of this segment, we have to mention the Hott MD500, the Camangi Webstation, Archos 7 Home Tablet and many, many more. As far as the video above is concerned, Schmidt mentions that Google will provide official support for Android tablets, which can probably be translated to Marketplace implementation.