Taking a break from Apple iPad rumours, we stumble upon some leaked price updates for the Cupertino giant’s other products. We’re talking about the MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro, with info about the price changes coming from an ad running on the Aussie site PC Authority. The pricing for the local market of the site is different than the one on the international Apple Store.

MacBook Air is listed with a price of A$2,399, while the product is available in the Apple Store for A$1,999 and the MacBook Pro is listed as starting from A$1.899, while the Store sells it for A$1,599. The Mac Pro desktop in the same ad mentions a A$4,499 price, but the Store has it for A$3,599.

What’s the deal with these prices? Could it be a problem with Aussie dollar conversions?

[via slashgear]