If the name Fuhu doesn’t tells you anything, then you should ask your kid about it. Fuhu it’s a company that produces kids tablets called Nabi, and now they’ve teamed up with DreamWorks to launch a new tablet, called the DreamTab.


This partnership between DreamWorks and Fuhu, gives DreamWorks an oportunity to get its popular animated characters in front of childern around the world. As you may know, DreamWorks is the studio behind popular animated cartoons like Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and more.

DreamTab slate will be unveiled at CES 2014 next week, and it seems that will hit the stores in this spring. The tablet is expected to sell for unde $300, and it will have an 8-inch screen. Fuhu and DreamWorks are planning to release a 12-inch version as well.