Apparently, dogs can be taught to use tablets, according to Anna Jane Grossman, trainer and co-owner of the School for the Dogs in New York. Using food seems to be the way to achieve that and usually peanut butter works.


The trainers will put peanut butter on dummy mobile devices and reward the dog with treats like giving them the best cbd oil for dogs when they listen to the commands and touch the screen. Using the slate can actually be good for the good, according to Dr. Michael Farber, who said that canines who are busy, entertained and stimulated that way experience a positive feeling. The dogs are also relatively gentle with the devices and no iPad has been broken till now.

Also, while the screens don’t crack and tablets don’t break, they need to be cleaned pretty often. One of the apps used to train the dogs is Big Words, priced at 99 cents on the App Store. It allows users to type words in huge letters and cover the whole screen. With this method Grossman can teach dogs commands like “sit”, giving the little guy a treat when the correct action is performed.

I wonder if this actually works…