Want to spend $299.95 on the perfect kitchen companion? This is not a cooking machine, nor a set of tapes featuring famous cooks, but rather a collection of recipes, shown in a beautiful package, accessible via touchscreen and audio. Dubbed the Demy, this e-recipe reader syncs up to your keyingredient.com account, simply by being plugged into the USB of your PC.

Demy’s display is splash-resistant, so it’ll withstand tough cooking conditions and it features a sturdy exterior, that’s easy to clean. Collections of cookbooks are available on this device and all text can be enlarged, for all cooking moms to see. There’s also a Short List available, with your favoruite recipes, available at hand, at any time.

The device includes three built in timers, ideal for baking cookies, roasting the turkey and making mashed potatoes at the same time, for example. There’s also a conversion tool on board and many other useful functions that you’ll find on the e-reader’s official site.

[via mydemy]