Music theory class just got very interesting, thanks to Dr. Lanny Lanford’s approach, that involves simulating an orchestra and choir via software. Musical notes come to life this way and the students can hear them.

tablet music

Lanford is an acclaimed composer and relies on top notch tech to make music more user-friendly. With the aid of the Spartanburg Methodist College IT Department, the teacher adapted software that lets the students hear and edit their works. The key is to find a faster and easier way to do things in the modern world and this also applies to making music.

The visionary professor is able to use a stylus to draw the music onto a tablet and then the drawings turn into graphics and when the “play” button is hit, the music starts to play. Certain instruments can be singled out, or you can hear everything at once. Choirs are also available, plus various changes in pitch, tempo and more.

Lanford also uses the software to compose a film score. That’s very exciting for the world of music. You can watch a video of this wonderful solution here.