CES 2013 starts on January 8th 2013 in Las Vegas and it will bring us the highest end devices of the moment, that will get official unveilings courtesy of the greatest device makers out there. We here at Tablet News deal with tablets, so that’s what we’ll focus on in the following lines. These are our predictions for the CES 2013 launches, that include some very nice goodies.

CES 2013-580-75

First of all, if HTC wants to matter in the market of tablets they have to unveil that Quattro model, that has been rumored for a while now and recently it appeared once again in the company’s portofolio. This is supposed to be a 10.1 inch quad core slate, maybe with 2 GB of RAM and 1200p screen or even Retina Display. We haven’t heard anything about it for about half a year, but that doesn’t mean the product is dead. I wouldn’t mind seeing a HTC Flyer 2 either, provided that the specs are decent and the price too.

Several Windows 8 tablets should appear as well, from makers like ASUS, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and Dell. Samsung may unveil the rumored Galaxy Note 7.0, with a quad core CPU and a new stylus, plus all the multitasking love one can imagine. I suppose that this device will offer a very good resolution, maybe something like 1200p, or maybe Samsung will even dare to go to Retina, to counter the iPad Mini 2. ASUS is also supposed to debut some MeMo Pad slates, with affordable prices, plus a rumored Nexus 7 with Intel CPU and one with a $99 price tag.

HTC may surprise us with a Galaxy Note-style 5 inch device, something that Nokia is also rumored to be working on. Speaking of Nokia, odds are very small, but still they exist that they’ll announce their very own Windows RT tablet. Also, Tegra 4 is rumored to be showcased at CES with some prototypes and initial partners. I guess that the likes of ASUS and Acer will be among the first to jump on the boat. Finally, LG should have a tablet or two ready as well, especially since they haven’t joined the Windows 8 game yet.

What do you think of these speculations? Which of them will come true?