During the last week we’ve heard about two 6.45 inch phablets, with this being the second one: the Carpad T65. Such devices interest us, because there must be a factory out there producing 6.45 inch panels and not only for small brands, but also a bigger one, probably Sony…


Back to the device that’s the topic of discussion here, the Carpad T65 is a device that’s up for preorder today in China. The product supports a Full HD resolution and comes with 2 GB of RAM, plus a quad core MT6589T processor. The phablet is supposed to cost just $320, which is very affordable, but can also get you a higher specced Xiaomi phone.

I can’t really say if there’s a market out there for such phablets and if we should call them phablets at all, since they’re only half an inch away from being 7 inch slates… Even Samsung’s Galaxy Note III is rumored to be 5.9 inch in diagonal, not 6.45 inch. So, it’s only Sony left on this playing field, but after all they don’t even have 7 inch tablets.