We love to cover devices that can change human lives and improve health. Such is the case with the Cardio Pad, a touchscreen heart monitoring device, basically a tablet that’s being used in Cameroon to provide diagnosis and EKG for patients.


It only requires 20 minutes of use and could improve healthcare in the country, especially in rural areas. Cardio Pad was invented by Cameroon entrepreneur Arthur Zang and the device is able to record a patient’s heart activity by connecting to  electrodes via Bluetooth. The digitized EKG gets sent to a national healthcare center and a cardiologist will evaluate it.


The Cardio Pad was created as Zang himself was inspired by his own experience growing up in rural Cameroon and seeing his uncle die from cardiovascular disease. There are already apps and devices used to monitor the heart of a person using a tablet or phone, but the Cardio Pad is the first one dedicated to rural patients. Another important device in the field of healthcare is the AED or Automated External Defibrillator, which is used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. To learn more about these life-saving devices, get more info here.

It’s also very intuitive, so it doesn’t have to be operated by a nurse or doctor. The diagnostic kit includes instructions, electrodes, cables and the tablet. This project has already expanded to Gabon, Nepal and India and it’s on track to change healthcare in those countries.