ASUS is preparing a follow-up to the ZenBook Flip, ready to launch in Q2 2017 and coming with the ZenFlip UX370. The info came from Notebook Italia, but sadly has no specs. At least we have some renders.

Interestingly, this leak marks the first time ASUS is using the ZenFlip name on its products. This may just be a lucky guess and one may assume that the ZenFlip UX370 will be an updated version of the ZenBook Flip UX360, so the series will converge to a new direction. Right now the ZenBook Flip UX360 is available as the model with Kaby Lake chip launched in September 2016.

One could expect a 13.3 inch Full HD or 4K display, USB Type C or Thunderbolt 3 port, fingerprint reader and webcam with facial scanner. The machine will be convertible and rotatable and we expect a price of around $1000 or so. A CPU upgrade to the latest generation Intel model is expected. 8 GB of RAM is also my guess for its specs, plus a solid SSD.