ASUS has been working on not one but two appealing tablet segment products, the Eee Tablet and Eee Pad, that were yet to get a clear launch date or price till yesterday. Apparently, the Eee Tablet has now changed its name to Eee Note, while the Eee Pad is supposed to cost $400 and run Android. Too bad that the Eee Pad will only debut in March, so we might even be seeing an iPad 2 launched before it.

The Eee Note, on the other hand is coming in October 2010 for $300, but we have to remind you that this device features a monochrome LCD display and it runs a special version of Linux. There’s also a third product in the making, a 12 inch tablet made by Asus as well and supposed to cost $1000. It’ll use a dock and station to turn into a regular laptop.

As if these weren’t enough, there’s a fourth slate, based on the ARM platform, running Windows Embedded Compact 7 and going for $400-$500.

[via crunchgear]