The thing shown in the image below is a 4K panel with a 10.1 inch diagonal that may just make it to the next big tablet. It may happen sooner than you think, considering the hints. Those include the fact that Android M offers support for 4K resolutions.


Android M was announced on Thursday by Google during the I/O 2015 event and it brings several improvements to the battery, permissions and connectivity, including USB Type C support. It also comes with support for 4K screens, which means a resolution of 2160 x 3840 pixels. We’ve recently heard that Samsung was experimenting with upscaling on various devices, trying to increase resolutions or alternate between them.

Well, this could be one of the ways to launch 4K devices into the mainstream. The Galaxy Note 5 has also been rumored to be 4K material for a while now, but a 4K phone feels a bit overkill at this point. Everybody likes a sharp display, but considering there are so many laptops out there with 1366 x 768 pixel resolutions, how did we get to 2160p so fast?