We didn’t think that this day would come, but it’s here: Windows has beat Android at something. We’re talking about the number of Windows devices with Intel Atom Cherry Trail chips inside, launched over the past week.


While Microsoft has its OS on quite a few Cherry Trail devices, there’s no model with Android so far. Acer is prepping a new Switch tablet/laptop hybrid with a 10 inch screen later this year. Lenovo also announced the new ThinkPad 10 with Cherry Trail, shown above. Intel debuted this chipset earlier this year, meaning for it to work with Android or Windows without a problem.

Microsoft Surface 3 is the only available table with Cherry Trail, in the shops right now. More Cherry Trail models will be shown in a few days at the Computex trade show starting in Taipei. Most of these slates have 10 inch diagonals or more. There are also Android tablets with Bay Trail CPUs out there, so the previous gen Intel CPU got traction in the Android world, but somehow Cherry Trail doesn’t tempt Android slate makers.

The new chip delivers two times the graphics performance of the Bay Trail, but the CPU speeds haven’t been bumped up.