BlackBerry World is taking place this week and among product presentations and hands on experiences with the BlackBerry Bold 9900, we also found a demonstration of Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The apps will be available via App World, it seems and they’ll work just fine on RIM’s slate, in spite of it not using the same controls as Android devices.

RIM mentioned that navigation is based on gesture controls mapped to Android button presses. The presentation below focuses on a Piano app and the IMDB app for Android, both looking good and responding well to the control system. We remind you that while the App World awaits more apps to come and fill the void it has right now, Android will be used to supplement the number of applications available for the PlayBook.

The tablet is yet to reach the UK, with RIM promising a Q2 release, so we’re not that far from the launch. Also, considering QNX OS won’t only be included on the tablet but also future BlackBerries, expected Android apps to also reach RIM phones at some point.