The adoption of Android 4.0 has apparently failed to impress and now with Microsoft showing a real threat with Windows 8, Google must find a way to have their OS start mattering on the tablet market. We all know that Honeycomb was criticized a lot and Android 4.0 doesn’t really bring anything impressive to the table, when it comes to large screen devices at least. Now it appears that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will take care of the tablet evolution, according to Taiwanese sources.

Windows 8 is expected to debut in Q3 2012 and Google will most likely counter it with the debut of Android 5.0 in Q2, maybe in May, the traditional month for the Google I/O event. Taiwanese supply chain makers are claiming that Jelly Bean will be optimized for tablet PCs and it will integrate some chrome functions. Also, it will be part of a dual OS system that will make it a bundle with Windows 8 at some point. You’ll even be able to switch between Win 8 and Jelly Bean without rebooting.

Android 5.0 also wants to leave a mark on the netbook and notebook market apparently and the problem here is that since Android 4.0 and Honeycomb didn’t get that much love Google partners are starting to get all skeptical about the next release…

  • Anonymous

    Android has a loooong way to go to catch up to windows. Android is still a very buggy OS. It takes years to refine an OS and Google does not understand this. Google is a very arrgant company and thinks that they know everything. Kind of the way MS and IBM was years ago. Google will have to learn lessons the hard way because they are hard headed.

  • Pissed off!

    This is ridiculous and very insulting and frustrating if you
    are an android supporter. I have been a strong supporter of android since its
    inception but I have to say that I have just purchased an iphone for my wife
    because of these frustrations. My Xyboard is not due to receive Ice Cream
    Sandwich until Q3, but yet they are debuting 5.0 in Q2. Why should I get excited
    about 5.0 when there are only a handful of devices that have 4.0 and many are
    not receiving the update at all? Android, why would you do this and expect your
    supporters to continue to back you?

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