Many people live with the impression that Samsung had a poor 2014, because the Galaxy S5 didn’t sell as well as it wanted too. Meanwhile, the South Koreans produced some great tablets in the Galaxy Tab S lineup, both models offering great battery life, excellent display quality and designs. Now we get to see these slates with Lollipop in tow.


Below you can watch a preview of Android 5.0.2 on the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, working incredibly smooth, so you’ll even forget you’re on TouchWiz. Material Design cues are everywhere, but TouchWiz remains at the core of the experience. We’ve got the carousel multitasking and the unified notification and quick settings area. Chrome tabs will be listed in the multitasking portion and the power management new gen features are also here.

We also get an updated keyboard, the mute function and general functioning improvements. I’ll remind you that these tablets can provide about 13 hours of battery life, they have fingerprint scanners, slim designs and excellent cameras. Now with Lollipop they’re even better buys.