Of all the tablets that one could imagine Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on, the HP TouchPad is a very unlikely candidate for that “update”. The developer community ported the software to this slate and they’re working hard to port it on other devices as well. This is an early build that you see in the video below, but it shows much promise.

There are over 1 million HP TouchPad tablets out there, so it’s worth the effort of porting the latest Android on it. The folks of Liliputing installed CyanogenMod 10 software on the TouchPad and it actually behaves decently. Among the key functions not working we find the microphone, camera and audio and the graphics aren’t right. No online video support is present here, so there’s quite a bit of stuff lacking. One thing is for sure: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean runs smoother on the TouchPad even when compared to WebOS.

That’s the merit of Project Butter and its silky smooth moves. I recommend you don’t install the Jelly Bean build just yet and wait till it reaches a more stable and feature-packed stage, but the good news is certainly that you get more speed out of your one year old HP tablet.