Move over Amazon Kindle Fire! There’s a $98 tablet out there that sounds like an interesting alternative to the current products on the market. Of course, if you didn’t already get a $100 TouchPad and brought Android to it. Amiga tablets are made for people who remember this brand from the old days of computing.

The company that now owns Amiga created an Android-based slate that sells on the cheap and it’s called the Xpedio 7MTB. Priced at $98 or $118 with a USB keyboard/case accessory, the product comes with mediocre specs, such as a 720MHz processor, 7 inch display, WiFi connectivity, 4GB of internal memory and Android 2.2 Froyo as the OS.

The people who tested the Amiga devices don’t quite recommend them, unless you’re a fan of the brand, making the purchase reasonable. For this price tag, you add an extra Benjamin and you’ve got a nifty Amazon Kindle Fire. Sadly, these Amiga tablets don’t come with Amiga emulators, so it’s our loss here.