AMD detailed its APU plans for 2014, following the announcement of the Kaveri solution for desktop already. Kaveri will hit laptops during the first half of 2014, but the event that took place this week handled replacement for Temash and Kabini APUs.


Those will be codenamed Mullins and Beema and seeing how Intel’s Bay Trail is preparing to be a hit, AMD will have to give Intel some solid competition. We get new cores this time and not just tweaks of existing designs. Temash and Kabini used Jaguar cores, built on a 28 nm process, while Mullins and Beema will use 28 nm tech as well, but with new Puma cores.

Puma will bring improvements to the design and reduce the power usage, plus AMD will incorporate an ARM Cortex A5 core with TrustZone technology for extra security. AMD promises a 2X improvement in performance per Watt, while keeping a pretty decent power consumption. AMD didn’t disclose clock speeds, but we could see them arriving at past 1.4 GHz, while the A6-1450 was clocked between 1000 and 1400 MHz.