It appears that the newly announced Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 inch unit is very high, since Digitimes is claiming that Amazon asked its ODM to deliver over 1 million units in October and then November as well.


Of course, judging by Apple numbers, 1 or 2 million slates is not a big deal, but for any other single vendor the number is impressive. And the holiday season is not even here yet! This shows how high the demand for a $139 tablet can be, so imagine if Apple sold its iPad Mini for about $100 less…

Of course, we’re talking about the Kindle Fire HD 7 incher here, with specs that fit 2012 or even 2011 more than this year, but it was enough to get Nvidia thinking. They’re dabbling in the $139-$199 price point themselves with that Tegra Note lately. Will they succeed?