Fresh after having seen a rumor saying that we should expect an iPad Mini together with the iPad 3 we find out that the Amazon Kindle Fire might also change its format. Rumors say that the Amazon slate might get an 8.9 inch version and also a brand new 7 inch one. Well, considering Amazon already sold a couple of millions of $200 Fires in less than 2 months, I see why they feel the need for a repeat.

Amazon might price the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire at $250 this time, but the pricing is never important, since Amazon is selling the Fire at a loss anyway. The focus here is getting their services in the loving hands of as many users as possible. They get their losses back when users purchase content, be it eBooks, apps, music or movies. Even Apple has started to fear Amazon, with the rumors about the iPad Mini having as base their fear of losing even more market share in favour of the Kindle Fire and its siblings.

I’m already imagining a Windows 8 tablet with huge price to be unveiled this summer, so when I look at the way Amazon prices stuff, I really can’t see Win 8 slates selling big time… Do you? And what’s happened to that rumored 10 inch Amazon tablet with quad core CPU?