Best Buy announced recently on its Facebook page, that it’s releasing a new Insignia Flex Android tablet. The device’s specifications are rather modest, but the design is interesting. This may look like a budget tablet, but we have no details on the price just yet.

Best Buy has been teasing a mystery product for the past weeks, so this might be it. Flex Tablet runs Android 4.0 ICS and packs a 1 GHz dual core processor, a 9.7 inch display and a battery that offers 10 hours of functioning time. The Twitter and Facebook product announcements say that this slate will hit the shelves a “month from today”, so around November 11th or so. Speculations also say that the price will be somewhere between $150 and $250.

We have no specs for this model, aside from what we see pictured: stuff like a microSD port, a headphone port and integrated microphone. I wonder who’s the maker behind this product, especially since Insignia is a brand that usually does audio, TV, video and car accessories. Usually cheap tablets come from Asia, but this one appeared in USA. Will you buy it?