T-Mobile makes available today the long-awaited 3D tablet G-Slate. The product is priced at $529.99 and it includes two year of service agreement on the carrier’s 4G network, plus a $100 mail in rebate. If you want the device free of commitment, it will cost you $749.99.

This 3D 4G Honeycomb slate is a rebranded LG Optimus Pad, packing a 8.9 inch display and two rear cameras capable of 3D video recording. The display on the tablet also supports 3D visualization, but it requires a pair of red and blue anaglyphic glasses to do that. Other features of the tablet include a dual core Tegra 2 processor and 32GB of internal memory.

HDMI and a 6400 mAh battery round up the feature list of the product available on sale today. Will you get one?