The U.S Transportation Security Administration announced that cellphones or other electronic devices will not be allowed on U.S-bound planes at some overseas airports if the devices are not charged up. This measure is a part of TSA’s effort to boost security amid concernsYemen-based organizations are plotting to blow up an airliner.

Members of the Transportation Security Administration check a passenger's bags with N.J. Transit Police to secure mass transit for the Super Bowl XLVIII, in Secaucus

With this new measure, at certain airports, security agents will ask travelers to turn on their electronic devices at checkpoints and if they do not have power, they will not be allowed in the plane. Also, sources are indicating that laptop computers are among the electronic devices that you must turn-on at check-in.

TSA belives that a cellphone, tablet, laptop or other electronic device could be used as a bomb. Among the smartphones that will go for extra security checks are iPhones by Apple, and Galaxy phones made by Samsung Electronics.