Ever wanted to see notifications, weather info and news displayed through the mirror while brushing your teeth or getting dressed? Well, thanks to a Github project and the YouTube channel Adafruit Industries we can now do that using an older tablet.


All you need is said tablet, that you need to connect to the PC, enable USB debugging mode and install the required software. Then the process involves getting hold of a plastic two way mirror. Next up the tablet is attached with tape, while the back of the mirror is covered with a dark material, to highlight the tablet screen. The slate gets connected to a power outlet and there you have it: a mirror on the wall, that shows info and notifications.

This DIY project relied on Hannah Mitt’s HomeMirror app on Github and included items like velctro tape, black construction paper, packing tape and a plastic 2 way mirror. I wouldn’t exactly place this in the bathroom, since water splashes may get to the power supply eventually. You know what would be cool? An external battery pack that would last the slate a day and then be charged separately and leave the mirror independent.