Over the past years, there hasn’t been one single Sony tablet with Android that launched smoothly on the market without issues. The Sony Tablet S had a poor design, poor build, very late updates and its camera was horrible. The Tablet P was a quirky format and the market ignored it…


Then came the Sony Xperia Tablet S that had production problems and factories had to stop making it for a while. Oh and by the way, its camera was poor as well and bundled bloatware was useless. Now the Xperia Tablet Z is set to create another failure, as it’s delayed in the USA, the biggest market a tablet maker could want to take over.

The product was supposed to go on sale today, but it has been delayed to 29 May. And we know how fast these things can turn from delayed a day or two to a month or two. The launch date on the official Sony Store, Newegg, Amazon and B&H has changed, with the latter listing it as available on June 4th. Amazon has it “out of stock”. Does anyone have faith in Sony’s tablets anymore?