It seems that every week now we come across new Samsung patents that depict foldable devices, either phones or tablets. This also happens today, as there’s a patent out there, laying the ground work for future flexible slates or handsets.


The latest foldable phone patent was published last week by the USPTO and shows a new type of folding mechanism. Samsung’s fresh design seems to involve a new smaller screen at the back side, that could be used to take a picture or receive a message. In the meantime Samsung also published its first scrollable TV patent, after also patenting a series of scrollable tablets and phones this year.


The user will be able to hide the screen within a small narrow case and unfold it when needed. I’m guessing OLED is the key here and Samsung would have to achieve an excellent yield of such panels if a commercial product of this type is going to go through. With the Galaxy S8 rumored to be delayed till April, they may just be working on that.

The images from the patent show that the camera and flash at the top of the device are exposed when the handset is folder over, letting the user take a quick pic without unfolding the device. Also, the idea of a scrollable TV is pretty badass, since it would let us take TVs on the go and turn them into sort of tablets.