Samsung makes a lot of money from tablets and phones, but not only their own. They make the chipsets and display panels for example for a few other big brands out there. Now they announced that they intend to sustain the growth of the non memory business by shipping more tablets and by making more application processors.


The company’s shipments of processors rose 10% last month compared to a year ago and 2014 is expected to be a good year for system semiconductors. For a while there we thought that Exynos was gone, particularly since it was rarely seen on devices and only in some parts of the world. Now the recently released Galaxy Note Pro will pack the in house Exynos processor.

Sources say that Samsung did register what looked like a minor drop in market share last year and local analysts claimed that operating profits were halved compared to 2012. A solution to make CPUs more profitable would be sharing them with other brands. Meizu for example already uses an Exynos or two if I’m not mistaking, so there’s money to be made… But then again, Samsung seems sure that this year their slates will be all about Exynos, so maybe they ditched the Intel idea.