After Bendate, we thought that big companies would be extra careful with the devices they put out, to avoid any Apple-style embarrassment. Well, Samsung has some problems in South Korea, after some units of the Galaxy Note 4 were reported to have screen gap manufacturing problems.


IT Today reported that the controversy regarding the screen gap is real and the gap is the size of a business card. This means there are problems with waterproofing, dust and dirt, theoretically. The image shown above is supposed to show us the problem, but frankly speaking, I can’t seem to spot it. Reports from Twitter and other sources show that other customers are experiencing the issue as well.

IT Today also claims that a Samsung representative has said that the company is aware of the problem, but there’s no replacement program or solution in place for now. The Note 4 debuted in South Korea on the 26th and it’s already up for preorder in USA. It should also come to Europe in about 2 weeks. Are we facing a new Bendgate or is this more minor?

  • applebrainwashespeople

    FAKE everyone! a real note 4 boot up screen will have “powered by
    Android” at the bottom of the screen, since it’s required by Google.
    It’s not present in the pics, FAKE. Nice try apple fanboys. Also, i can
    fit a piece of paper in the “gap” in my Note 3, no moisture, dust,
    problems of any kind. Go to Best Buy and look for yourselves, there is
    no gap..,,,