One of the first tweaks that Windows 8 users applied was the one that implemented a Start button/menu on the OS. While the entire tile system of Modern UI is designed to replace the Start Menu, nostalgia is more powerful than innovation. This is where Pokki comes in, offering a start menu replacement application, available since early October.


Now they’ve announced that they’ve reached 1.5 million downloads for the new OS. Pokki also adds an app store for hundreds of applications for desktop built on this platform. With Microsoft bragging they sold 60 million Win 8 licenses so far, we expect many more people to resort to Pokki’s solution. The Windows 8 Start button removal from last year was apparently a decision taken after some telemetry studies, showing that the Start menu usage was dropping among users.

Even Pokki’s data shows that the users open the Start menu replacement only 10 times a day (on average). Stardock also offered a similar replacement, that sold in the tens of thousands, as the company itself says. Back to the Pokki app, you should know that it just got updated, with a refreshed UI, with a light theme option and the ability to tweak the Start button icon and turn it into a more modern Windows logo. The search is also improved, being more accurate when it comes to finding apps, files and folders.

The latest version can be found here.