Notion Ink’s Adam tablet is finally getting some facts straight: it’ll debut around Christmas time and its pre-orders are scheduled for December. CEO Rohan Shravan confirmed these plans and said that the Adam is currently in the FCC offices, awaiting for approval. In case the approval won’t come till Christmas, the launch will be delayed till New Years or CES 2011.

The 10 inch Android slate became popular in late 2009, specially when everyone learned that it uses Pixel Qi’s display technology, a premiere on slates, allowing users to turn off the LCD backlight, in order to read text in direct sunlight. This saves power and mimics the appreciated E-ink technology on e-readers.

In case you’re wondering about the delays, Indian company Notion Ink had some funding issues, but now it’s ready to make the Adam a real product, in 4 versions even. There will be a WiFi only unit, a 3G one with a LCD display, a WiFi unit with a Pixel Qi screen and a 3G model with the same display. The LCD version will go for $399 with WiFi only, or $449 if it also supports 3G connectivity.

If you’re going with Pixel Qi, be prepared to pay $449 for WiFi only and $498 for 3G. Each slate comes with Nvidia Tegra 2 technology on board and support for 1080p video. Expect Android 2.2 or even 2.3 to be the standard OS.