HP TouchPad was the tablet to buy at some point this year, since it had that incredible $100 price point and Honeycomb was bound to get to it via hacks. We’re still far from a decent release, but the CyanogenMod initiative is working on it with good results. There’s also the alternative of the MIUI for HP TouchPad, that’s demoed in the video below.

This is the MIUI alpha ROM, that was just posted online and it’s amazingly good considering how young it is. The ROM came on Wednesday and brings forth WiFi, audio, Bluetooth, multitouch support and all the required sensors are working just fine. Bugs are of course present, but the OS is stable enough to use on a daily basis. The HP TouchPad is almost considered one of the Android tablets out there, since people have almost forgot it came with webOS in the first place.

It’s only a matter of time till this tablet becomes a fully functional Android device. Recently CyanogenMod Alpha 3.5 came and brought more stability and performance to the slate, plus webOS became open source of the past week, so there’s maybe a way to unite the platforms into a single solution. You can find more info about MIUI and its evolution on the XDA Developers community, if you’re curios… I, for one am waiting for CyanogenMod 9 to bring some Ice Cream Sandwich love to this HP gadget.