Well, India has its own tablet(s), we’ve heard that the Thai government ordered a ton of units for schools and now Malaysia makes the headlines also with a slate. I’m talking about their very own 1Mpad model, the first slate branded in Malaysia, with a 7 inch display and a price tag of $315.

Also known as the 1Malaysia Pad, this device will be marketed to students (1.4 million of them, it appears) and it comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. 5,000 of the 7 inch slate unites will be offered to locals, priced online at 999 Malaysian ringgits, meaning about $315. The product is made by MalTechPro Sdn Bhd, not the easiest company name to pronounce, I’ll give you that much. The 1Mpad will be offered to students with discounts, although that hasn’t been settled yet.

Right now the price doesn’t seem like a good deal, but if they take around $100 out of it, it will start sounding better. Know that the device also comes with 3G broadband and the 1Malaysia Messenger application, used as an IM service for sending texts, pictures, video and voice to other 1Mpad users.