As LG announced last week, the G2 smartphone will mark the beginning of a new series of premium devices, the “G” Series. Well, fitting into that product range are a few interesting devices, the likes of which have just been patented by LG.


They recently filed a patent for wearable technologies, such as the G Watch, G Glass and G Band, but also a very interesting G Tab and G Hub. The latter is sure to be a service or app store of sorts, while the G Tab is a total mystery, but it sure sounds like a tablet. Last we heard about a tablet it was back at MWC 2012, with the LG Optimus Pad LTE you see pictured above.

For some reason LG decided to stay away from tablets for over a year now and focus on phablets, smartphones and lower end devices. Even phablets have been neglected, unless you count the LG Optimus G Pro, that feels more like a larger smartphone and less like a phablet. Anyway, it will be interesting to see which of these patented G Series devices will be ready for IFA 2013 prime time.