Lenovo started teasing some revolutionary devices for an October 30 unveiling, through a series of videos that you can watch below. There are various aspects of modern slates that are laughed at in the clips.


Lenovo promotes a “better way” of doing things, by first tackling the issue of grip. Their first video shows someone cutting a tennis ball into half in order to glue it to the back of a device for extra grip. Then we see a tablet with letter magnets on the back, that are then moved to a refrigerator. Could this mean interaction with appliances?

Finally, the third video shows a girl using a bunch of power cords to get power to her device, meaning we may get an impressive battery on the new slates. I have to say that as far as material goes, slate makers haven’t been original for years now, always using plastic or aluminum. Motorola and Microsoft tried something different with kevlar and magnesium respectively. What will Lenovo do?