It appears that owning a smartphone isn’t enough anymore and there’s an increasing trend of owning both a handset and tablet. Tablet ownership is raising really fast in the European Union, but the growth is not evenly distributed, apparently. The data comes from ComScore analyst’s blog Data Mine.

Smartphone penetration in the likes of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK is at 53.7%, with around 130 million people using handsets. The study involves a 3 month average ending in September 2012. It’s important to note that out of the smartphone owners, 15.5% also own a tablet, compared to 9.3% last year. This goes to show that tablet adoption has grown impressively in Europe. The UK is at the top of the charters with 17.7% of its smartphone customers also using their own tablet.

Spain is at 16.9% and Italy and France are equal, at 15.1%. Germany is strangely enough behind, with 12.8%, although it’s a very technologically advanced country. It would be interesting to measure the fidelity of handset owners and how many of them own an iPhone and bought and iPad, versus Galaxy S III owners who bought an Android tablet… or iPad.