A recent report from the Wall Street Journal says that Google may plan to sell the rumored Nexus Tablet straight to the consumers, like they did with the Nexus One handset. We’ve been hearing a lot of speculation about said tablet, starting from price point ($150 to $250) to its maker (ASUS) and specs (quad core Tegra 3 or merely a dual core CPU) and now this info.

Google will launch an online store apparently, similar to Apple’s, but that will happen later in the year. The purpose here is to give the customers a chance to purchase the slate online and keeping only the Google logo on it, without further brandings from carriers or other middle men. Let’s just hope that Google doesn’t get burned with the Nexus Tablet, like they did with the Nexus One, that they also sold directly online and people didn’t quite seem to buy that device, although it was pretty hot.

The expectations here are of a 7 inch tablet made by ASUS, most likely the 7 inch Eee Pad MeMO killed in favour of this project. Google I/O seems like a logical launch point, so in June we’ll get to see the real device, but that doesn’t mean that around April or May we couldn’t have a teaser posted online… or maybe a leak from ASUS. Do you see yourselves buying straight from Google via online store?