Usually, before a big show like CES, MWC or IFA we see a ton of leaks, press invites and specs that hit the web. However, in the case of CES 2015 things are being kept mysterious, as we’re lacking inside info on 99% of the new products prepared for the Las Vegas show starting in 3 weeks.


Aside from AT&T’s annual keynote, nothing is known for sure. Companies like Samsung or HTC are saving their flagships for a MWC release, while Sony already has a tradition of unveiling a phone and tablet at CES. LG will also bring something to Vegas, probably the LG G Flex 2 and a smartwatch or two. They’re also said to be working on a Surface Pro rival, so they may release a tablet with Windows and keyboard, too.

Companies like Huawei, Lenovo and ZTE may want to expand their hold in USA, thus making releases of their own. Motorola will be on home turf and so will Dell, so they will probably want to release novelty as well. Microsoft has been long due a Lumia flagship, while the likes of Nvidia and Intel are always ready to surprise. I expect to see the next Tegra announced and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 demo.

What are your expectations for CES 2015?

  • Robert Jasiek

    I hope for a reliable 10″ 4:3 200+ppi full Windows 64b Atom tablet. Reliable means: mirroring is so harmless or non-existent that outdoor use works well, firmware works, drivers work, production quality is ok, above average WLAN quality, above average battery duration when surfing over WLAN, the undamaged tablet can still be used after a battery replacement (i.e., replacable battery or at least iFixit score 7+). I dream of such a tablet with matt display and reliable digitizer. I expect nothing; surely again all the companies will miss their chance to combine iPad-like design with Windows-like functionality and Surface-like reliability.