We’re only a couple of days away from the debut of the quad core ASUS Transformer Prime and already there are benchmarks of this interesting slate. This Nvidia Kal-El based device is supposed to break all records, at least in the AnTuTu benchmarking system.

As you can see, the tablet greatly surpasses the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy S II, considered landmarks in such tests. AnTuTu is a piece of software that tests synthetically the potential of an Android device, including its processor, graphics and more. What we have right here is a slate with a quad core processor at 1.4 GHZ. Who can surpass it!?

The Transformer Prime not only leads the pack, but also broke the AnTuTu record of 10,000 points, so I’m drooling at this product right now… Such a huge performance will be interesting to see on Android and maybe this time there won’t be lag or force closes. Keep in mind however, that this is a synthetic benchmarking test, so it has to be taken as such. I wonder if it was applied with Android 4.0 on the device or Honeycomb…

  • it’s against older models. Let’s see it fare with an Ipad at graphic department, and/or with an 7.7 Galaxy Tab