Well, here’s something unusual: a company promoting a tablet without mocking the iPad. We’ve seen Samsung doing it, Motorola doing it, LG and also Toshiba mocking the iPad for the lack of Flash. Acer minds its own business and simply focuses on the user experience in its latest promo video for the Iconia Tab A500 slate.

This is a 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet, priced at a very reasonable $450, in the 16GB version. This model comes with a dual core Tegra 2 processor @ 1GHz and supports 1280 x 800 pixels in resolution. Iconia even supports DLNA and comes with very nice accessories compatible, such as video docks, keyboards and cases.

The product weighs 1.69 lbs and we found the source of its lack of Apple mockery: the tablet didn’t support Flash out of the box, when it was shipped in April. You can find this product at Best Buy, but look sharp and you may get a price tag lower than $450.