It appears that the strange segment of 6 inch phablets is being limited by the sales of 7 inch slates. Ever since I saw the first 6 inch phone I didn’t understand what the big device makers were thinking and the reluctance of the public confirms my attitude.


I can’t see anyone buying the Lumia 1520, HTC One Max, Sony Xperia Z Ultra, ASUS FonePad Note FHD 6 or the giant Huawei Ascend Mate models. Market watchers are the ones blaming the slow evolution of these products on the ascension of 7 and 8 inch slates. The reason is also the pricing, since the 6 inchers are placed in the high end area, with $500 to $800 prices, while 7 inch tablets can be found with decent specs for as much a $200.

Why not spend less on an extra inch of screen and decent performance? The sales of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra are quoted as dismal and then there’s the brand new Xperia T2 Ultra with a 6 inch screen. What are they thinking? The only chance for such giants is hardcore gaming and 2K resolutions.

  • Clive Mclean

    Gotta disagree with you this time Mr. TabletNews – IMHO the best tablet site on the internet! When I grow up I want a six inch phone. The only thing standing between me and that realization are as you said, the crazy, unrealistic prices ( my words). Honestly I think many people with fading eye-sight desire one of those biggies. I think 7 inch tablets, even with phone capabilities are just that inch too big for all the time, everywhere mobility. So I think the ‘six’ market is viable and alive but for the asking prices right now.

  • MarylandUSA

    “Why not spend less on an extra inch of screen and decent performance?” By this reckoning, why not get an 8.9 instead of a 7? Or a 9.7 instead of an 8.9? The fact is, there’s a place for a slim-bezeled 6: a man’s shirt pocket (<86mm wide). No 6.3, 6.44, or 7-inch phone will fit there, but a few 6s will, including the Huawei Ascend Mate.