Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Where’s My Water are all excellent titles, belonging to the puzzle genre with physics elements. Start and the Rockets deserves to be mentioned along with these top titles, that have kept us staring at the screen for long periods of time. Start the Rockets is fun, innovative, beautiful.

Fireworks are always fun, don’t you think? Our journey begins at the abandoned factory, where we find live fireworks stored in crates. With no one to light them these elements of joy can’t spread their colors. That is where you come in. Use the lighter and start a chain reaction that will bring you sparks and color like you’ve never seen before. That’s not all. You also get tons of pyrotechnical elements to play with in your quest to solve plenty of puzzles.

With superb graphics, a soundtrack that’s just right and natural elements provided, the game invites us to explore the magical world of bright lightning, full of sparks. Fantasy takes shape during the three worlds, each consisting of many levels and puzzles. Do not even that Start the Rockets will be easy to complete. The goal of each puzzle is to provoke a chain reaction and collect stars while aiming for a high score. As we go forward we often find ourselves in difficulty, as each missile has its own characteristics and each puzzle a real treat. You don’t want to miss out on this game that has plenty to offer.

Start the Rockets is available for the iPhone and iPad. There are also free versions if you what to try the game before you buy it.

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