When I reviewed the iPad Mini, one of my biggest complaints was that I wasn’t able to use YouTube in app form, as any normal tablet does. Apparently, there was no iPad version of the YouTube app available, but now there is, as detailed below. The official iOS YouTube app got updated and it brings a bunch of other new features.

The update brings support for the taller iPhone 5 display, AirPlay integration and a brand new iPad version. Videos now start faster and play smoothly, plus there’s VoiceOver accessibility. Why care about mobile YouTube? A reason would be the fact that Google officially stated that 25% of its views on YouTube come from mobile devices. The standalone YouTube app was launched in the App Store in September, after Apple removed the default YouTube app in iOS 6.0.

On the iPad the app looks quite well, reminding me a bit of the Facebook interface, but still keeping that look that makes you think of TV channels, that was brought on together with Jelly Bean after its big release and it was adopted on all the other platforms. The left side bar is omnipresent, with its many options, but more of that in the vid below. You can get the app from here.