ICE Computer’s modular PC endeavour has been covered extensively by the news and now their project is ready to spawn. The company has turned to Indiegogo for financing and set a $300k goal for crowdfunding, to put the xPC into production.


We’re dealing with a multi mode device, a product that houses its components into a smartphone size case. We’re dealing with an Intel Atom x86 quad core Bay Trail setup, 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD. WiFi, Bluetooth and a webcam are also here, as well as a 10.1 inch tablet dock associated with the device.

The idea resembles the ASUS PadFone and with the dock this product turns into a mini desktop. Other accessories are mentioned in the project, like the xTop, an xAdapter with external storage and xKeyboard. This is also a modular device, since it has an open connector architecture that allows you to connect third party docks and peripherals.

Tempted? It ships in July and goes for $369.