It appears that Xiaomi isn’t content with just being on the smartphone market and also ruling at it, but they want to have a go at the slate market as well. They are supposedly preparing a Xiaomi Pad tablet, with Android and an affordable price tag.


The newcomer is rumored to be priced at around $160 and it will be accompanied by a suite of other products, such as a Xiaomi Smart TV, 2 new Xiaomi phones and even a Xiaomi Laptop. Those and the tablet are expected to launch on August 16th, if everything goes well. The Chinese tech community is abuzz with the rumors and reports are saying that the tablet will be a 7 inch one.

I have to remind you that their phones sell out by the hundreds of thousands of units in mere hours after the preorders start. Low price points and high end specs have defined the company’s strategy all along. Don’t be surprised if they will give us 8 core devices faster than big brands!