This week Xiaomi has been in the news because it’s supposed to be preparing a modular phone of sorts and now it’s back in the news, thanks to a fresh tablet. The newcomer was pictured on Weibo and the leak seems to show us the 7 inch MiPad tablet we’ve been hearing so much about.


We could be seeing a smaller Android tablet here, a rival for the Nexus 7 maybe. Considering Xiaomi’s reputation, we could see a Snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 tablet here with a very reasonable price, a bit over $200. Xiaomi phones have been selling like hot cakes and I expect their tablet to fly off the virtual shelves instantly as well.

The company has former Google exec Hugo Barra on board and his experience has been pushing the forward even faster than expected. From this picture I can’t figure out if this model uses regular polycarbonate for the case, a soft touch back or metal. It may be the first of those options if you ask me…