With Xbox Live already present on Windows Phone 7, it was only a matter of time till it became a popular gaming solution on tablets. Thus, it’s very likely that we’ll see it included in Windows 8, as Microsoft itself confirmed recently. This means that you’ll also sync your account between the Xbox console, WP7 handset and Win 8 tablet.

Also, this will mark the introduction of Xbox Live on the PCs running Windows 8, expanding the gaming experience, points, achievements and social networking side of the service to new hardware. With the Xbox ecosystem becoming so strong, Apple has quite a rival to face, especially with analysts saying that WP7 will become the number two mobile OS by 2015.

Where will Windows 8 sit 3 years from now in the charts? Will it beat Honeycomb’s follow ups? Considering the Android OnLive gaming experience on HTC, it’s hard to say, but we’d like to see a portable Xbox tablet to rival it, that’s for sure.