In about 24 hours of so we’ll be seeing Apple opening its gates to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, to kick off yet another WWDC event. This one is set to unveil iOS 7.0, as the various banners posted on the building have already confirmed, but what else should we expect? Let’s find out in the following lines.


Apple is supposed to debut a new streaming music service called iRadio and it appears that the folks of Cupertino have also been experimenting with camera filters and options for the built in camera app. Apple is also said to be testing a new motion technology, that allows you to move objects on the screen depending on the orientation of the device.


This has been done on Samsung phones for years now and even LG devices have had that, if I’m not mistaking. iOS 7.0 is expected to bring a flat design, new widgets for the notification center and a totally revamped lockscreen. Aside from the new iOS, we may also get to see OS X 10.9, a new MacBook and much more. Sources say that Apple has also been working on new ways to integrate the experience of iOS for Siri and Maps within the car.

They’re also said to be revamping the multitasking with a tabbed interface, much like WebOS or iOS Safari tabs. OS X 10.9 will get minor UI tweaks, while the hardware releases will most likely include a new MacBook Air. So, are you excited about this novelty? We’ll find out more tomorrow at 1 PM ET. With a bit of luck we may even catch a glimpse of the iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2…